Birthday Pawties

If you have an event:

Birthday Pawty

– Puppy Bowl

– Going Away

– Tea Pawties

– New Arrival

– Dog’s Night Out!!!

– Dog Wedding

– Fashion Show

– Costume Pawties

– Backyard Pawty

Doggy Reveal Pawty…

Who said only Human’s can have a Reveal Party!!! A wonderful way to tell everyone your dog is expecting and instead of if it’s a Boy or Girl!!!! It can be HOW MANY PUPPIES!!!

The Pawty!!!


Let us give your dog The Pawty of the Century, that every dog will want to attend. All the dog’s will be Barking about how they want to be at the next EVENT!!!

You, your dog, and your dogs doggy guests will be entertained from start to finish. With lots of games, music, and prizes. Your dogs BIG DAY is important, so we will go ALL OUT!!! to celebrate. We can set up wherever you like, at your home, in your backyard, a venue of your choice or we can find a venue for you. The choice is yours.

It’s time to PAWTY!!!! And when it comes to a pawty, it’s ALL about the Food!!! Our cakes, cupcakes, doggy tartare, pate, and our doggy cuisines and delights are made with your choice of three different recipes: Chicken, Beef or we have a meatless recipe, which is Oatmeal, Peanut Butter, and Honey.

Doggy Tartare

Your dog and their doggy guests will love it!!! They will eat every morsel of their doggy cake. And they will ALL BARK!!! for MORE!!! And don’t forget the ice cream (dog ice cream that is…)

Our ice cream is made with plain low fat organic yogurt.

We have a variety of flavors to choose from:






Peanut Butter


Anyone say Afternoon Tea!!!

Treat your guests to a Posh Doggy Afternoon Tea Pawty!!! Complete with Tea and Crumpets…. Your guests will nibble on tea sandwiches( Of course without the bread crust!!!) Quiche, Pate, and cucumber delights just a few of the cuisines to choose from. Proper tea etiquette, Tails Up!! Contact us for more details.

We didn’t forget your parents, we can also supply food and drinks for the Humans. Party snacks, wine, and beer. Just contact us, so we can get started on planning the Pawty of the Century!!! Your Puppy’s Pawty!!!

Contact us for more Details